Portfolio / Seznam obrazů

Oil paintings for sale/ Obrazy k prodeji – olej na plátně

27.8. 2017 – 31.12.2021 – Pasáž českého designu/ Passage of Czech Design (http://www.pasazdesignu.cz), Na Příkopě 860/24, Praha


Zde je nabídka obrazů k odkoupení. Pro více informací klikněte na fotku. V případě jakéhokoli dotazu na cenu a způsobu doručení mě kontaktujte telefonicky nebo mi zašlete e-mail na: martina@gallerykrupickova.com. Reaguji do 24h nejdéle.

All of the paintings shown below are for sale. For more information please click on the picture. If you have a question about prices and delivery, please do not hesitate to contact me on martina@gallerykrupickova.com. I’ll do my best to reply within 24 hours.

Motivy z ČR/ Motives from the Czech Republic









Motivy z Anglie/ Motives from England




Začínám vkládat krátká videa detailů obrazů na YouTube. V případě zájmu mě můžete sledovat:-)

I’ve started to upload short videos of paintings details to YouTube. If you are interested, you can follow me:-)

4 thoughts on “Portfolio / Seznam obrazů

  1. I just saw your entry on the show Landscape Artist of the Year – and I thought it was excellent. Since I love gardens, I thought your bringing that into the composition was a great decision. And to put the castle off to the right – excellent. I like everything about it. Really I thought you should have been in the final three at the very least. How does someone who did all grays and no castle, win the competition? Art judges are too full of themselves and don’t quite understand what the average person wants to hang on their wall. He did a good moody painting but not of the subject matter.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment. It’s very difficult to do the painting when you are there and whole day they monitoring you and you have only 4h clear time for the painting itself. Also it’s not clear what the judges looking for. When you watch the show they say it but not to the artists when they do the shooting. Best regards, Martina


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